September 7, 2015

2015 FLL Pilot Program (MI FLL Team Blast 2015.05)

In order for schools to participate in the FLL School Bundle Pilot, they must apply on-line. The application can be found here:

The FLL School Bundle Pilot is a much different format from last season. The goal of the pilot this season is focused on increasing the number of teams in schools.

The 2015 School Pilot is open to returning school teams from the prior season and will accommodate up to 500 new teams.  The pilot is open to schools who registered teams in the 2014 season. Those teams are considered veteran teams. Veteran Team Status is defined by the permanent team number received last season.

Veteran Schools who register a greater number of teams than they purchased in the prior season, will receive a 20% discount off the team registration price of $225 for all new 2015 teams, once an equal number of returning teams from the prior season have been registered and paid for.

Please note that if the school has paid the registration fee for their new teams, the school would not be eligible for the FLL School Bundle Pilot. Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds for  schools that paid for new teams in addition to their veteran teams.

If a school has started the registration process for their new teams (identified by a temporary team number) and selected the payment method for those teams before completing the application or being accepted, we cannot accept the school, even if they have not paid because the discount could not be applied in TIMS.

Please note that in order to participate in the 2015 Pilot, a Purchaser Contact is required and they need to be the same for all of the school’s teams (veteran and new). Keep in mind that the Main or Alternate Contact can be added as the Purchaser.

If veteran schools register 2 + teams greater than the number of teams purchased in the prior season, they will also receive a coupon to form a new Junior FIRST® LEGO® League (Jr.FLL®) team in the community, which can be donated, transferred or used by an age appropriate team.

For a full list of requirements, please reference the email blast that was sent to teams on September 7, 2015.

The 2015 FLL School Pilot Program is being administered by FIRST. Please direct any questions about this program to

Pamela Williamson
Michigan FLL Partner