March 21, 2018

Spring Tournament Applications Open March 22 and Close March 29 for Michigan FIRST LEGO League Teams (MI FLL Team Blast 2017.17)

Hello Teams!

Event application for spring events will open on Thursday, March 22 at 5:00 p.m.

Event application for spring events will close on Thursday, March 29 at 5:00 p.m.

You can view the status of your event applications through your team’s Dashboard, where you initially created the team and paid the team registration fee.  You may access your Dashboard via the website.  In the upper right of the page, choose “Log in”.  You should be able to see the Michigan FIRST LEGO League events when you access your Dashboard.  Please note that some of the events have limited availability, and one has no availability.

You will know you are registered for an event, when you receive a confirmation email from that your team is Registered for an event.  The email will be titled: 

     Your FLL team number “team name” is now set to Registered status for event name.

February 4, 2018

Michigan FIRST LEGO League Spring 2018 Tournament Signup Process (MIFLL Team Blast 2017.16)

Hello Teams!

Welcome to the beginning of our Spring Tournaments!

Who May Participate in a spring tournament?
Michigan FIRST LEGO League teams that meet the following criteria:

  1. Team is registered through FIRST and has paid the team registration fee for the 2017-2018 HYDRODYNAMICS season AND
  2. Team did NOT compete in a Fall 2017 Qualifier tournament.

Why should I participate in a Michigan FIRST LEGO League tournament?

  1. Tournaments are FUN!
  2. Tournaments are a critical and important part of the FIRST and the FIRST LEGO League experience.  
  3. A tournament is an opportunity for teams to learn, showcase their accomplishments, and celebrate their hard work throughout the season. Even if your team does not feel ready, we encourage and expect all teams to participate in a tournament. 
  4. A tournament is an opportunity for you to engage and invite parents, siblings, sponsors, and friends to attend the tournament and cheer on your team!
  5. Your participation in a Michigan FIRST LEGO League spring tournament will meet the tournament participation criteria for FIRST LEGO League grants for the kits in the state of Michigan, including the MDE grant and the Rookie Team grant.

December 8, 2017

Michigan FIRST LEGO League State Championship #2 Date and Location (MI FLL Team Blast 2017.15)

We are pleased to announce that our Michigan FIRST LEGO League State Championship #2 will take place on Saturday, January 20, 2018, at Allendale High School, in Allendale, Michigan. 

Details will be going out to the teams that are advancing to this event over the course of the next few weeks.  Thank you all, for your patience!

Pamela Williamson
Michigan FIRST LEGO League Partner

November 20, 2017

Michigan FIRST LEGO League State Championship Advancement & Participation Pins (MI FLL Team Blast 2017.14)

Hello Teams!

It’s hard to believe there is one Qualifier competition week left in the 2017 Michigan FIRST LEGO League season!

To confirm your Qualifier event assignment, please check the 2017 Michigan Team List, which may be found on the Michigan FLL Teams page on the FIRST in Michigan website. 
To find details on the location of your event, please check out the Michigan FIRST LEGO League events list on the FIRST website.  The tournament directors will also be sending information directly to the teams scheduled to attend their events.

If the “Scheduled to Attend” column in the team list has ”0” or “Spring Event- TBD”, you will be invited later to participate in a spring event.  Participation in a spring event qualifies you to meet requirements for any grant you may have received from the MDE or through FIRST or FIRST in Michigan.  If your team completed (paid) team registration on or after November 1, you may not be on the posted team list yet, and you will be invited to participate in a spring event.  The team list will be updated with all paid and registered teams for the HYDRO DYNAMICS season, on Wednesday, November 22.